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38 years old, Virgo. Russian Federation, Saint Petersburg
Ya perestala verit', vsekh boyus' i podsoznatel'no zhdu podlosti, i ne znayu, chto s etim delat'... a ran'she bylo tak:
Ochen' emotsional'naya, po zhizni optimistka...
Mne nravitsya smeyat'sya, tantsevat', chitat', obschat'sya s druz'yami...
Obozhayu svoyu mashinu i lyublyu vodit', uchastvuyu vo …
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  • Tanya , 39
    Russian Federation, Saint Petersburg 
    I am looking for a a guy
    5 photo(s)
  • Antonina , 38
    Russian Federation, Saint Petersburg 
    I am looking for a a guy, 41-50 years old
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  • Anina , 35
    Russian Federation, Saint Petersburg, m.Kupchino 
    I am looking for a a guy, 26-35 years old
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  • Viktoriya , 39
    Russian Federation, Saint Petersburg, m.Ulitsa Dybenko 
    I am looking for a a guy, 36-50 years old
    27 photo(s)
  • Anna , 36
    Russian Federation, Saint Petersburg, m.Grazhdanskii prospekt 
    I am looking for a a girl, 36-40 years old
    5 photo(s)